Johnny Lowe

"I love Coney Island. I'm not a native, but I have the sand in my shoes, as they say. I am influenced by places and the ebb and flow of human experiences over time, and great beauty in the ghosts that reside in our everyday lives - the parties that we missed, yet can still hear if we listen close enough. The echoes of joyful screams that you can still hear in the dead of winter when the rides are closed. I believe it’s human nature to long for days we feel were simpler than the days we live in now. Reflection, snippets of light and color that one might miss while walking through today’s modern and evolving Coney Island - this is what I attempt to capture. I respect Coney’s past & present - the people, the architecture. I feel it’s something worth preserving."

As a painter, Johnny works mainly in oils on wood panels, canvas & found objects. Raised and educated in North Carolina, he moved to Brooklyn in 2002 where he currently resides with his wife, Shanna and cat, Lafitte. He is a partner at Five Points Graphics, a design agency that creates for a wide swath of industries including fashion & textiles.

Photo by Jason Goodrich / Inked Magazine e: johnnylowe77@gmail.com

Superfine 2018 - DUMBO Brooklyn NY (June7-July2)
Coney Island USA - Centennial Exposition Winter 2017              
Coney Island USA Museum Summer 2017              
Superfine 2016 - DUMBO Brooklyn, NY              
Superfine 2014 - DUMBO Brooklyn, NY              
Rising Arts Gallery 2012 - Brooklyn, NY              
Artfuel 2007 - Wilmington, NC              
Beyond Basics 2006 - Wilmington, NC
Artfuel 2006 - Wilmington, NC              
Avenue Magazine Cover 2006